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From  "Get inside"

Mankind                                 Gone
Mankind    Driving on a snowy road

             Still                                     Vince the Prince
Hands in love...    Vincent Kompany

From "The Sense of Moments"

Nevermore                                   Reboot
Love hurts    Picture from the Reboot video
Respect, equality                  Laina
(video editing)
Strike in Brussels    Little girl and the blue dragon

  • Last Circle LIVE IN NAMUR (Live excerpts, Aug. 2017)
                      Last Circle live

  • From "Get inside" album also, samples...

  •                   Stop

                    One together



  • Must FM radio: interview with an acoustic LIVE recording of "Nevermore" (Jan 2014)
  • Video reports on Last Circle's very 1st concert in Rochefort (2013, 8th of June), by Jean-Marie Lesage (Ardenneweb) :

                      Candles on stage
    video 1 (Reboot - Nevermore - Laina - Love...)

                      Last Circle on stage for the 1st time
    video 2 (Child in time - Silent fantasy - Respect, equality - Jehanne J...)
  • 8 free MP3 taken from The Sense of Moments album (14 songs).
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button Silent fantasy

I want to dream






Respect, equality